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  • WF17 WiFi Smoke Detector Camera
  • WF17 WiFi Smoke Detector Camera
  • WF17 WiFi Smoke Detector Camera
  • WF17 WiFi Smoke Detector Camera
WF17 WiFi Smoke Detector Camera WF17 WiFi Smoke Detector Camera WF17 WiFi Smoke Detector Camera WF17 WiFi Smoke Detector Camera

WF17 WiFi Smoke Detector Camera

 The main feature of this device is its support for watching the live video stream captured by it online on your cellphone. Moreover, it can also store the recorded videos locally, and supports a high-volume memory expansion. Due to its online monitoring feature, this device is especially useful for shops, offices and homes. So get this cool Wi-Fi smoke detector hidden camera today!

1. Take video and shoot pictures anytime by one touch, and cycle recording is available.
2. Iphone / Android smart phone WIFI connect direct monitoring.
3. Iphone/Android smart phone connect internet monitoring.
4. Continue Recording While Charging. You can take the recording anytime, don't need to wait for the battery charged.
5. Support the local storage and mobile phone wireless download.
6. Support cell phone online watching. Very simple to monitor your home or shops or office via internet by your phones.
7. Point-to-point direct connected video function.
8. Memory can be taken up to 128GB.(not included)
9. Have the time water mark function.
10. 24 hours circulation video and synchronous support remote monitoring
This product is a HD (1080P),25pfs, network surveillance smoking detector camera with internal micro SD card and a multi-functional high-tech product with functions of video recording, photographing, motion detection, alarm, APP real-time monitoring . It has functions of 2 megapixel HD recording. Also support multi-language voice time reporting. It supports up to128GB micro SD card, uninterruptible long-time work and with APP convenient control. Moreover, it works as the best anti-theft and evidence-gathering tool with hidden camera.
2.0 megapixel CMOS
Video format
View angle
Distance of motion detection shooting
6 m straight-line distance
Power supply
3.7V Li-battery
Continuous recording time
2 hours
Compressed format
Sound recording range
Power consumption
Storage temperature
Operating temperature
Operating humidity
Type of memory card
Micro SD card
Maximum capacity of memory card
Play software
Computer operation system
Windows/Mac OS X
Mobile phone operation system
Web browser
IE7 and above,chrome,Firefox safari.etc
support limited pieces client software online at same time
Can support 4 client software online the same time

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