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rrspycameras.Com - The Trustworthy China Wholesaler / Dropshipper
Many so-called ‘spy cameras’ with poor quality in China, many products are copied and distributed by many different manufacturers. Exact same housing and packaging for the camera are shared among many different manufacturers to cut down the cost.
We rigorously test every product we sell, Don’t waste any more time and money researching the wrong spy cameras. Choose RR Tech - your one-stop spy gear solution!
As a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of top spy cameras from China, We are looking forward to cooperating with any buyer, importer, distributor, wholesaler, trader, sales agent, business partner in the international market.
We accept and offer all kinds of OEM and ODM orders for our customer for wholesale Security Camera Systems and spy cameras. However, every product has a minimum quantity to make OEM and ODM. Please just let us know about the particular items Minimum quantity and extra charge for printing your logo or change packing.
Timely Delievry

 RR Tech provides DHL,UPS,Fedex, EMS, and express delivery method for you. Typically, it will take 3-to-10 working days to the major worldwide countries.
After Sale Service

Best customer service is always here for you.We offer easy no-hassle returns on all orders within 15 days of you receiving the product. If for any reason the product you ordered doesn’t work for you, simple mail it back to us. We can pay the return shipping. Or you also can keep it in a long time. Ship them with other repairs together in future.
All orders from us. We supply 24 months warranty.



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